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Top-Quality Drainers, Tree Services, and More

Tree removal may sound like a contradiction in terms because we cherish and preserve trees. Instead of removing, plant a tree, people say. However, when a tree poses a threat to your property, you can rely on Palacios Landscaping to take care of that problem. Our company specializes in tree & landscape maintenance in Menifee, CA. We also sell different types of drainers and do many other things described below.

Reliable Drainers in Menifee, CA

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Plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, or a mixture of all? Large or small? Residential or commercial? You name it. We have it. Our company sells many different types of drainers for the home or commercial kitchen. Choose the option according to your overall kitchen style and design.

Tree & Landscaping Services

Tree & Landscaping Services

Our professional tree and landscaping services aim to keep your exterior in tip-top shape. Our technicians will come to trim your trees and shrubs and treat them for pests and diseases if necessary. We have the skills and equipment to remove large hazardous trees. We can also recommend adding fertilizer or mulch to the plants to help them flourish. We create flower beds and edge gardens, and lawns, too.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

You can turn to our team for adequate lawn maintenance plans. We provide our customers with regular lawn mowing, aerating, edging, mulching, and weeding. We know how to treat common problems, like moss on the grass, diseases, lawn pests, and more. With our professional equipment and techniques, we will keep your lawn lush and healthy.

Lawn Irrigation

Lawn Irrigation

Are you unsure how often to irrigate your lawn or how much water it needs? Panic not, our specialists know what to do. We will come to inspect your greenery and suggest a customized irrigation plan. Our knowledgeable technicians can also perform various repairs to your sprinkler system to make it more water-efficient. We can also recommend newer models of irrigation equipment for your new installation project.

Sod Installation

Sod Installation

If you want to replace the lawn in your yard and can't wait for the long process of watering and grass growth, we can offer you our sod installation services. We measure, deliver, cut, and install rolls of living grass and soil that produce an instant lawn. This is how we will help increase your property's worth and appearance.

Sod Irrigation

Sod Irrigation

Apart from that, our technicians will also irrigate your "new" lea and provide you with useful tips on how to maintain it. If you are too busy at work and cannot look after your grass area yourself, call our team for reliable sod irrigation services. Our technicians can also carry out different sprinkler repairs and replace your irrigation system once it becomes beyond repair.

Stone Installation

Stone Installation

Installing stone around a property is classified as a hardscape project. You can turn to us when you want a low-maintenance landscape. We will deliver and place small and large stones around your flower beds, trees, or pathways. By doing this, you will achieve a unique look for your garden that others will want to mimic.

Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass Installation

If you want to eradicate the need to fertilize, water, and weed the grass, we can deliver and install artificial grass. It is a low-maintenance option for individuals and families with busy rosters or those who want their children to play and run on a green carpet that does not need weed killers, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Yard Cleanup & Debris Hauling

Yard Cleanup & Debris Hauling

We provide overall yard maintenance. Once we mow the lawn, trim the trees, or remove a big tree, we will most probably leave a bunch of debris behind. But we will be carefully collected and remove it from your home. We will leave your garden beautiful and neat. Alternatively, if you feel you have a build-up of debris, call us, and we will remove it all on your behalf.

Many Things to Gain

Our artificial grass installation and other services are beneficial in so many ways. As a team of specialists, our goal is to help our clients with fast and adequate tree and landscaping services at very reasonable prices. A well-kept landscape and lawn is an eye-catcher, increases property value, and will contribute to your physical and mental health.

Dependable Sod Installation in Menifee, CA

Help When You Need It

Every stone installation or any other project starts with an upfront conversation with the client. We strive to understand their desires, problems, and expectations. The working methods we implement are a result of our extensive training and business know-how. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our company for professional and affordable services and personalized attitude and attention.

Quality Stone Installation in Menifee, CA

The Areas We Serve

We provide our assistance for customers in the following locations:

  • Menifee, CA
  • Sun City, CA
  • Canyon Lake, CA
  • Perris, CA
  • Lake Elsinore, CA
  • Wildomar, CA
  • Murrieta, CA
  • Hemet, CA
  • Temecula, CA

To talk to our trustworthy contractor, call Palacios Landscaping today. Our experts serve the residents in Menifee, CA.

Professional Yard Maintenance in Menifee, CA

Affordable Artificial Grass Installation in Menifee, CA

  • Tree Service
  • Landscaping
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn Care
  • Soil Aeration
  • Hauling
  • Lawn Service
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Lawn Contractor
  • Sod Irrigation
  • Tree Trimming Service
  • Lawn Irrigation


Client’s Testimonial

by Natasha Palmer on Palacios Landscaping
Satisfied Customer

I hired a landscaping contractor from this company and I'm pleased to say that I am more than happy with the results! He did such a good job in cleaning out the weeds and arranging my flower beds! It was such a delight working with him.

Palacios Landscaping
Menifee, CA 92584
Phone: (951) 257-0626

Services for the winter season

  • Removing dead plants from flower beds and planters
  • Draining sprinklers
  • Dethatching and aerating the lawn
  • Fertilizing the lawn
  • Wrapping young trees in protective burlap
  • Moving patio furniture into storage
  • Pruning, trimming trees back and planting winter annuals and raking the soil
  • Leaf removal

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