Our Lawn Service Includes Proper Lawn Aeration

Looking for a way to improve the health of your lawn? If you want better and healthier growth, consider adding lawn aeration to the maintenance routine that you follow. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can always rely on a lawn service provider such as Palacios Landscaping to do it for you. We are trained to aerate lawns in properties in Menifee, CA.

Professional lawn services by Palacios Landscaping in Menifee, CA

Why Aerate the Lawn?

The roots of the grass in your lawn needs proper nutrients and enough water for them to grow properly. But if the soil underneath is clumped together, water will be more difficult for them to absorb. Nutrients will also be stuck in certain areas if there are clumps of soil. If you want to improve the health of the lawn, you should consider adding lawn aeration in your maintenance routine. This way, you’ll see a big difference when it comes to the growth of the grass. Hire a lawn service provider to do it for you.

We’ll Aerate the Soil for You!

Our lawn aeration service will consist of poking holes in the ground so that air will be able to pass through the soil. We’ll make sure not to puncture any piping during the process. As for the actual aeration process, we’ll make sure that the holes are evenly distributed so that the air will be able to break down the soil underneath. This process will then help the roots to absorb water faster and nutrients from the soil better. Choose us to aerate the soil in your lawn for you and you’ll see a significant difference with the growth of the grass!

Call us at (951) 257-0626 and get local lawn service in the area of Menifee, CA

Palacios Landscaping is a lawn service provider who can properly aerate the soil in your property so that the lawn will grow healthier. Do you need help improving the growth of the lawn in your property in Menifee, CA? Let us aerate the soil for you by giving us a call at (951) 257-0626 today!

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