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Affordable lawn services Menifee, CAIn need of an expert to properly care for your lawn? Palacios Landscaping is the company to turn to, as our skilled professionals are always ready to go the extra mile and provide each client with impeccable service. Affordable, experienced, and always eager to achieve customer satisfaction, we work for commercial and residential clients throughout Menifee, CA.

Tree Service – Our professionals will take excellent care of your trees using timeless techniques and methods. We can offer trimming services, pruning, fertilizing, and even preparing your trees to more easily survive the winter. We will also be able to inspect your trees for dry and brittle branches, as well as termites and diseases.

Landscaping – This service is all about the beautification of your yard. Both residential and commercial properties have much to gain by investing in great landscaping. A few new decorative shrubs and other landscaping elements can greatly increase the beauty of your yard and raise property value. We are ready to work hard to bring your ideal yard to life.

Lawn Mowing – If you don’t have the time to dedicate to weekly mowing, we are the specialists to call. We come to you equipped with all the tools necessary to provide your lawn with precise and uniform mowing you will be glad to show off to the neighborhood.

Lawn Care – There is more to caring for a lawn than just mowing it regularly. We can also remove any weeds that may have made your lawn their home. In addition, we can perform soil aeration and even fertilize your lawn to ensure its proper nourishment.

Soil Aeration – By making small holes strategically placed along the soil of your lawn and yard, we can help your plants have more room to properly spread their roots. This also allows air and water to better penetrate the soil and provide your plants with the proper moisture and nourishment.

Hauling – We have the equipment needed to haul away any debris you find necessary on your property. This can include such things as excess soil, yard clippings, construction materials, and much more.

Make excellent use of the affordable and very reliable services listed above by contacting Palacios Landscaping at (951) 257-0626 today. We are happy to be of service to all our clients throughout Menifee, CA.

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